Cecilia Dean

Cecilia Dean, co-founder and editor in chief of V Magazine

Cecilia Deanは、Anna Del Russoみたいに、自分のスタイルを本当によくわかっていて、ファッションで遊べる数少ない人だと思う。ピッタリ私好み、という恰好ではないけれど、いつ見ても本当に素敵だ。全身Rodarteのスタイルも、若いモデルではなく彼女にこそしっくりハマるような気がする。私よりもかなり年上だけど、どんな洋服を着ているのか楽しみだし、多分私の母親も素敵だと思うような、エイジレスな魅力がある。年を取れば取るほど良くなっていく種類の人だ。大きな笑顔もいい。そしてますます彼女を素敵に思ったのが、Harper's Bazzarでのインタビュー。





She has one of the few people who knows her style very well and have fun with fashion like Anna Del Russo. She's not exactly my taste, yet, I think she always dress gorgeous. I actually think that Rodarte head to toe style is looking better on her than young models. She is lot more older than me, but I find her style very interesting and probably my mom does too as well. She's such an ageless beauty. And her big smile! She is the type of person who gets better as she ages. After I read the interview with Harper's Bazzar, I like her more than before.

-What piece of clothing could you not live without?

-There is no one piece of clothing literally could not live without. Let's not be dramatic.

That's the best answer ever. 

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